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Get information and e-learning resources related to the QuickTest Professional  11 (QTP 11) certification test preperation. Here you can find QTP 11 Practice tests and QTP question papers for QTP 11 certification exam preparation. The QTP online tests on our website are designed to help students evaluate themselves and at the same time the QTP mock tests also help the students to learn as they evaluate. All the QTP test papers are free. Practice on free QTP online mock tests and QTP sample Question papers. More you practice more you will learn.

About QTP :

What is QuickTest Professional (QTP)?
QuickTest Professional is the solution for functional test and regression test automation.
In other words, QuickTest Professional is a tool used for automation of functional and regression tests for various software applications and environments. It performs functional and regression testing through a user interface such as a native GUI or web interface. QuickTest Professional uses VBScript scripting language to specify the test procedure and to manipulate the objects and controls of the application under test. Although HP QuickTest Professional is usually used for "UI Based" Test Case Automation, it can also automate some "Non-UI" based Test Cases such as file system operations, database testing or Web services testing. HP QuickTest Professional 11 is current and latest available stable release from HP Software Division.

Why QTP?
Today there are many test automation tools available in the market.
However, QuickTestProfessional is the most widely used tool for the purpose of Test automation and has emerged as the test automation tool of choice for the software industry.
HP-QTP is considered as a standard tool for the purpose of test automation.

Some of the factors that contribute to this wide scale acceptance of QTP as a tool for functional and regression test automation are listed below.

  • Comparatively easy to use compared to lots of other tools available in market.
  • Simple interface.
  • Numerous features.
  • Uses a programming language (Microsoft’s VBScript) with lot of resources available.
  • QTP is comparatively easier for a non-technical person to adapt compared to lot of other tools available in market.
  • HP QTP can be extended with separate add-ins for a number of development environments that are not supported out-of-the-box.
  • Good availability of professionals.

What is HP QTP 11 certification?
HP-QTP certification is the certification exam conducted by HP in collaboration with Pearson VUE. The exam is called HP0-M47.  
HP-QTP certification is formal recognition that an individual has proficiency in HP QuickTestProfessional. Certification represents recognition of a particular individual’s professional competence.

What is the format of HP QTP 11 certification question paper?
HP QuickTest professional 11 (HP0-M47) certification exam consists of
·        Number of Questions: 72
·        Question types: Multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and point and click
·        Certification Exam time: 105 minutes
·        Passing Percentage: 75%

What are the benefits of HP QTP certification?
Benefits of HP QTP certification for individuals:
  • Certification represents recognition of a particular individual’s professional competence.
  • Prestige for the individual and a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals in the same field.
  • Many companies consider QTP certification as a plus point for employees during appraisals.
  • During employee recruitment, many companies prefer certified employees over non certified employees. In some organizations certification is a requirement for employment.

Benefits of HP QTP certification for Organizations:
  • Establishment of a professional standard for employees in the field of Automation testing.
  • Assist the employers in making hiring decisions.
  • Highly trained and competent workforce for employers.

What is the syllabus for QTP 11 certification exam?
Weightage    Topics
Automated test planning
• Plan for general testing and automation.
• Plan for QTP testing.
• Identify and describe features and settings.
• Explain QTP licensing and packaging.
Basic test creation and how QTP works with objects
• Create the basic test.
• Explain how QTP works with objects.
• Add steps without recording.
• Explain the purpose and operation of Smart Identification feature
Basic test verification and enhancement
• Add standard and custom verification points.
• Enhance tests with parameters.
• Add custom checkpoints.
• Add database checkpoints.
• Add bitmap checkpoints.
• View test results.
Modular automated test builds
•Explain how to build modular QTP tests with Actions.
•Use a Shared Object Repository.
QTP and ALM integration
•Explain the QTP/ALM connection.
•Define ALM management of QTP resources.
•Explain versioning features in QTP
Automated test troubleshooting
•Troubleshoot Object Recognition problems.
•Use Recovery scenarios.
•Use the Debugging Tool.
•Measure System Performance.
•Configure log tracking
Advanced QTP Scripting
• Import and export Excel sheets.
• Get and set object properties.
• Identify descriptive programming to bypass repository.
Expert View
• Describe Expert View features.
• Describe dynamic object programming.
• Identify and describe VBScript elements.
8 %
Web applications
• Recognize Web Add-in Extensibility.
• Describe Web event recording use and configuration.
• Identify new web testing capabilities.
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